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Curtis Atkinson 23 4.8
Curtis Atkinson By far the best exp I have had with a realtor and if you want the best ......... Curt in my opinion is by far your only choice for your next realtor needs. 4.98
Kelly.H - Feb 13 2018

Overall: full star full star full star full star half star 4.8/5
Experience: full star full star full star full star full star 5.00/5
Competency: full star full star full star full star full star 5.00/5
Knowledge: full star full star full star full star full star 5.00/5
Communication: full star full star full star full star half star 4.00/5

By far the best exp I have had with a realtor and if you want the best ......... Curt in my opinion is by far your only choice for your next realtor needs.

More About Curtis Atkinson

What really sets one Realtor apart from another anyway? Don't they just stick a sign up and look for the MLS to sell their home and collect a commission? Good question....

Placing a “FOR SALE” sign on your newly listed property is easy for any realtor, and let’s face it, there are thousands of willing realtors in Calgary. Some are good and some are not. Those who are not, can simply offer to do just that: put up your sign and complete the basic requirements of selling your home. Oh, forget the Awards, no one cares, and I am not your average Realtor for many reasons...

I have lived and breathed various aspects of real estate including: General Contracting, design, renovations, self taught in the Trades, development, property investment & management, PLUS having flipping over 30 homes before 45 yrs of age. My understanding of the real estate market allows me to share with my clients the most valuable information on when & where to sell and/or invest in property and where the best growth market is. This gives my clients the honesty and value they deserve when investing in my real estate services.

I have worked hard all my life beginning with my first job at the young age of 11. Real estate has always been my passion, even when working as a Corporate Sales Director for a national wireless company for 13 years. The training I gained over those years, has put my selling experience, house knowledge & negotiating skills well above many. As a Marketing Major and having been in the property investment, Reno & building business, I know what to look for and what to watch out for. Now as a full-time realtor, I am able to pass along this service to those clients who wish to add value to their home before they sell, or after possession of a new home.

I understand from experience what a homes’ integrity is, beyond the fresh paint and help my clients gain confidence in making better decisions to maximize the purchase & sales potential of their home.

Choosing my services over many others will be the best decision you can make. I will treat your money like it is my own, I will handle the tough negotiations, I will be honest about your homes’ image and have the experience to share great ideas to allow your home to be the best home on the market!

Here is what is really important:

*Having a Marketing Plan that you can follow to list your home. Who is your Target Market and how do we go after that?

*Being fully prepared long before you list your home (90% of the hard work is done BEFORE you actually list)

*A proven Database & Distribution list of buyers that will be interested in your home.

*Pre-Marketing and getting the attention of multiple buyers BEFORE you list. Creating Urgency

*Amazing write ups, descriptions & professional photos that focus on the 'Right Buyers' for your home.

* What can we do to Maximize your return on your home? Less days on market? Increased Offers? 

* How do we market this--Not just list this? There is a strategy beyond this and its different for all properties.

* Find an agent that works their ass off, day in and day out, that knows everything about the current market.


We have these answers and we are honest about values and what works.


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